Sports Medicine

sports medicine

Our Sports Medicine Services

Sports injuries in children are very different from their adult counterpart and so is the injury. The uniqueness is due to mismatch in growth and training load on bone, muscle and connective tissues. Most often these growing athletes have been advised to stop sports activity for prolonged periods of time or stop all together. However a simple evaluation with modification in training, strength and conditioning can help the adolescent athlete continue sports.

It is a prominent branch of medicine that is primarily concerned with injuries related to sports and related exercises. Maintaining physical fitness, prevention & treatment are the important regimes of this branch. The branch requires an in depth knowledge in musculature medicine. We are providing all types of sports medicine. The major conditions other than injuries include:

Sports Medicine:-
  • a. Unexplained Under-performance Syndrome.
  • b. Testing the cardiac abnormalities.
  • c. Diabetes associated with sports.
  • d. Exercise induced asthma.
  • e. Female Athlete triad.